We at North Oatlands Pet Center understand that leaving your pets behind when you travel – whether it’s for work, family, or fun – can cause you stress and sleepless nights. Worry no more. We offer full-service boarding for your dog or cat. And, should your pet get sick while you’re away, they’re in exactly the right place!

Our boarding areas are clean and comfortable and designed to meet the unique needs of our dog and cat clients. For cats, that means having a dedicated feline boarding space, far away from the dogs. Our cat condos are on a separate floor from the dog kennels, ensuring a peaceful stay for your fluffy friend.

Our canine boarding facility offers three different types of boarding. They are:

  • Traditional four-by-six feet runs in a large room where they can see and hear other dogs
  • Private rooms dog parents will be able to monitor via a closed-circuit camera
  • Deluxe private rooms equipped with a camera as well as cozy furniture

We recommend that you bring your own food, although we can feed your dog a low-fat, GI-healthy kibble for an additional charge. Bedding and food bowls are provided. You’re welcome to bring your own, but there’s always a chance your personal items could be lost or destroyed.

Dogs will be taken outside for regular bathroom breaks and for playtime in our fenced-in yard.

Our cat condos are located upstairs and well away from the dog kennels to ensure a peaceful stay for your fluffy friend.

Our feline boarding facility offers two different types of boarding. They are:

  • Single Cat Condo with space for your cat to relax, rest and play with toys if they like.
  • Double Cat Condo which features larger accommodations for larger pets, or just to give your cat more space to roam.

Boarding Requirements:


  • Current Vaccinations including Rabies and FVRCP (Distemper)
  • Negative intestinal parasite test (within the past six months)
  • Negative feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus test


  • Current Vaccinations including Rabies, DA2PP (Distemper/Adeno/Parvovirus), Bordetella and Leptospirosis
  • Negative intestinal parasite test (within the past six months)
  • Current heartworm test (annual)

A flu shot is not required for dogs, but we recommend getting them vaccinated for both H3N8 and H3N2 virus strains prior to boarding.

Your pet will need to be current on their vaccinations before they can stay with us. We strongly suggest you get your pet vaccinated at least two weeks prior to boarding, as this will give the immunities time to take effect.

Canine Boarding Rates

Standard Kennel Run – Includes bedding, bowls, 3 outside walks
Deluxe Room – Includes cot, bowls, 3 outside walks, webcam check-in
Deluxe Suite – Deluxe cot, bowls, 3 outside walks, webcam check-in

Feline Boarding Rates

Single Condo – Includes bedding, litterbox, bowls

Double condo – Includes bedding, litterbox, bowls

  • 20% discount for second pet sharing run/room
  • 10% discount for stays over 2 weeks
  • Bath required for dogs staying longer than 6 days

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We are closed Monday - Friday from 12pm - 1pm for lunch.