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Tricks in Leesburg, VA

Ready to have some fun? Teaching tricks is another great way to bond with your dog!

Tricks class is for owners that want to teach their dogs fun tricks. AKC Tricks Titles can be earned during class.

Novice Tricks can include: Balance beam, Speak, Crawl, Fetch, Find it, Get your toy, Get in (box), Sits in box, Get on a low platform or step, Hand signals, High five, Hold, Jump, ,Kennel up, Kiss, Paws up, Push-ups, Shake hands, Spin, Touch, or Tunnel.

Intermediate Tricks can include: Balance on ball or foam exercise peanut, Balance treat on nose or head, Carry (such as basket or another object)  Catch, Close door, Close drawer, Crawl (at least 5 body lengths) Fetch it (20 ft. away) Game (manipulates interactive canine game), Go find (handler hides, dog goes and finds), Go to your place, 3 Hand signals, Head down, Heeling, Jump through handler’s circled arms (or over handler’s leg), Leg weave (weave around handler’s legs),  Open door, Paws up (on handler’s arm), Pull a toy on a string or rope, Push button/key to make sound, Remove object from box/ toy mailbox, Ring bell, doorbell mounted on wood, Rollover, Shell game (“Find it” – treat or scent item under 1 of 3 cups), Sit pretty (sit up or sit w/ head tilted), Teeter totter (may use agility equip. in Intermediate), Touch lamp, Wave good-bye/hello, Weave poles, or Wobble board.

Length: 8 weeks

Cost: $205

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