Andre Gatling

"I had to learn to speak dog!"

Andre Gatling has had a long and successful career in the publishing and entertainment industry as a stand-up comedian, voice actor, best selling author, among other roles. But his real love in life has always been rescuing, desensitizing and training an array of animals, particularly pit bulls through his own foundation (ChloJo; named after his two AKC CGC pitbulls, Chloe and Jordan). Andre has spent well over 25 years learning and working with an array of different animals, behaviorists and trainers (to include his most influential trainer, North Oatlands Michelle Jackson) but much more time growing up around pitbulls. He realized he had a unique approach to changing the behavior of tempermental and sensitive dogs from his personal experiences and his time working with quarantined dogs in animal shelters throughout the DMV. In his own words, Andre will tell you, "Aggression in a dog is similar to aggression in a human. We're both scared of what we don't understand, and our need to protect leads to aggression. Changing that aggression in a dog is more complex because the dog doesn't speak English, so I had to learn to speak dog.

With all that being said, I look forward to helping people understand the importance of the human/dog bond, positive leadership and nurtured growth to get that relationship on the right track.

I'm extremely excited to bring value to these obedience training programs and can't wait to see you in school!!!!


Michelle Jackson

With over 30 years’ experience in the Northern Virginia dog training community, Michelle Jackson, North Oatlands Pet Center’s dog trainer, brings with her a wealth of experience ranging from dog shows and private training to group classes. Michelle taught dog training at the Dulles Gateway Obedience Training Club in Herndon, VA, and for a veterinary practice in Fairfax, VA.

“Dog training is my passion. When one can understand how dogs learn, think, and follow our lead, great strides can be made in the relationship between a dog and its owner. Many people are perplexed by their dog’s actions, but we can take simple steps to redirect the behavior and turn it into a helpful, purposeful, and meaningful behavior.

“In puppy classes, we get to grow doing things the right way from the beginning. In basic obedience, we welcome new family members, showing them proper guidance and leadership to provide consistency that encourages and reinforces the newly learned behaviors. Many of us don’t give our dogs enough credit for how smart they really are. Working together is much more rewarding than working against each other to get what you want. I teach clients how to communicate with their dogs in a way that fosters a mutually harmonious relationship. The simple step of taking a class or private lessons can go a long way. Every dog is trainable!

“My journey in dog training began when I needed help controlling my friendly dog on walks. One class led to more classes, as I became motivated to learn more. With my newfound knowledge and interest from additional books and seminars, I began showing in obedience and other sporting events. I have shown dogs in all obedience levels with my highest achievement being the American Kennel Club’s UDX (Utility Dog Excellent). I have shown six dogs in conformation, and several dogs in agility and rally obedience.

“I look forward to seeing you and your dog in one of our classes!”

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