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Show Handling in Leesburg, VA

Beginner Show Handling

This is a class for handlers with young, inexperienced show prospects as well as those handlers who are new to showing dogs. You will learn how to show your dog to their best advantage so that the judge can’t take their eyes off of them! Subject matter covered in this class is:

  • Proper Equipment
  • Gaiting
  • Stacking
  • Judges Examination

Length: 8 weeks
Cost: $205

Advanced Show Handling

This class is for dogs over 6 months of age or older and for handlers who have shown dogs to their Championship. They should be acquainted with ring procedure and ring patterns. Concentration will be on:

  • Mental and Physical Conditioning
  • Fit paws for conditioning and balance
  • Standing for exam
  • Stacking for table breeds, floor breeds, and ramp breeds
  • Proper Gaiting Speeds
  • Gaiting Speed for triangle, down and back, diagonal and L pattern

Length: 8 weeks
Cost: $205

Drop-in cost: $25/class

Conformation or Show Handling Classes are for clients that plan to show their dogs at AKC or UKC breed shows. We will go over and practice ring procedure, how to handle your dog to show well for a judge while standing (stacking) and moving (gaiting). Most importantly your dog has the experience working around other dogs in classes and being handled appropriately for the show ring.

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Show Handling  Run-Through

Show handling run-throughs allow handlers to gain valuable practice time with their dogs in preparation for conformation events. Utilizing a ring format, handlers and dogs can perform together in an environment that is active containing the fundamental elements experienced at a show. An instructor is on-site during these sessions assuming the role of a judge while offering input and support for attendees as they practice ring procedures, handling, stacking, and gaiting.

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